SD 1C static

  • Structure frequency on woven and knitted fabric
  • Weft threads and stitch rows
  • Pick count of stitch and mesh

SD 1C traversing

  • Distortion analysis over the fabric width
  • Distortion analysis in sections
  • Width measurement



SD 1C static:
Measurement of the structure frequency (pick/course count) of stationary and running woven and knitted fabrics for quality control and reporting. The control of fabric tension by draw-off roller and the pick count by adjustment of overfeed are additional applications.


SD 1C traversing:
Measurement of the angular position of weft threads and stitch rows and precise distortion analysis with a very high number of measuring points over the fabric width.
The structure detectors are used as multi function systems for quality reporting, in the advanced PLEVA weft straightener, as well and on production machines for Inlet-Outlet combinations.


Stationary or traversing high speed CCD camera with high efficiency infrared LED’s for reflected or transmitted light.

Technical data SD 1C traversing:
- 1600..5000 mm fabric width