• Measurement of oxygen and steam saturation in textile steamer
  • Safety and reproducibility during steaming process
  • Saving of reduction chemicals and alkali on dyeing process



Maintenance free sensor for the measurement of oxygen content as a percentage by volume. In the case of pure a mixture of water steam and air the saturation of the steam is measured. Various measuring ranges are available, depending on the particular task.


Construction of TDS95 sensor

Differential sensor system for air moisture measurement with two heated zirconium ceramic electrodes, fitted into a stainless steel tube with a preamplifier in the connector head.


Measuring ranges:
- 0..1000 ppm O2 /  95.0..100.0 Vol% H2O
- 0..1.00 Vol% O2 /  90.0..100.0 Vol% H2O
- 0..10.00 Vol% O2 / 50.0..100.0 Vol% H2O
- 0..21.00 Vol% O2 /   0.0....30.0 Vol% H2O