• Contact less measurement of material moisture
  • Maintenance free microwave technology
  • On-line measurement without delay



Contactless measurement of material moisture on running fabrics e.g. textiles, carpet, bonded fibre fabrics, dip application in tire cord, paper, cardboard, foils as well as applying adhesives and wet in wet application. The measurement of the material moisture is based on microwave absorption by water.


Construction of RF110 / AF120 sensor

The running fabric is guided through the pair of measuring heads. A mounting frame in stainless steel for the measuring heads is included and can be adapted to suit the customer’s requirements.


Measuring ranges:

- 0..4 g H2O/m2 up to 0..200 g H2O/m2

- 0..10 g H2O/m2 up to 0..2000 g H2O/m2

Accuracy (of range): 
+/- 1 %  max. +/- 0.1 g H2O/m2