• Contact less measurement of material application moisture left-centre-right
  • Maintenance free microwave technology
  • Non hazardous radiation



Contactless measurement of application moisture on running fabrics behind a padder to control the dye pick-up over the width and the length of the fabric or to control the coating application. The type AF310 with three heads shows the absolute moisture in the centre and the difference between left and right side as a difference to the centre.


Construction of AF110 / AF210 / AF310 sensor

The running fabric is guided through the pair of measuring heads. A mounting frame in stainless steel for 3, 2 or 1 pair of measuring heads is included and can be adapted to suit the customer’s requirements.


Measuring ranges:
- 0..25 g H2O/m2
- up to 0..6000 g H2O/m2
- (via calibration curve)
- Accuracy (of range): +/- 1 %
- max. +/- 0.8 g H2O/m2