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Carpet_page (12)

Coating ​∙ Lamination

Process monitoring of coating, drying process and control of exhaust air humidity at carpet line.

Carpet line with sensors
  • Oven line for carpet with ECO-OPTIDRY control system and available sensors for heat treatment process.
  • Latex- and foam-coating for carpets
  • Temperature of the carpet surface
  • Exhaust air humidity control
  • Data acquisition for quality control
Areas of Application
  • Latex- and foam-coating for carpets
  • Applications at non wovens filters
  • Moisture at felts
  • Water based coatings
  • Minimal applications
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RR_page (12)

Residual moisture

The measurement of the residual moisture is important at various points in the textile process line.

E.g. behind dryer, stenter, sizing machines, cylinder dryer and more.

Type RR 

  • The sensor RR with tandem rollers is used for natural fibres and blends with synthetics. 
  • Measurement with multiple Tandem roller sensors RR 1.1 • RR 3.1 • RR 3.3
  • The measuring range depends on fibre, e.g.:
  • Cotton: 1.0 .. 20 %
  • Synthetics: 0.1 .. 5 %
  • Polyamide: 0.2 .. 10 %
  • Viscose: 1.2 .. 35 %

Type RR WH

  • The sensor RR W will be used at e.g. knitted fabric, or at surface sensitive fabrics like sanded, raised or high-piled fabric after stenter frame.
  • The measuring range of type RR W at Cotton: 4 .. 16 %
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Padder_page (12)

Continuous Dyeing


Uniform dye application on padder 

Avoids shade variations „side-centre-side“ and „start-finish“

Padder Control System CIMATIC

Sensor type AF310
Contactless measurement of the application moisture on running fabrics behind the dye padder.

The measured dye liquor pick-up is controlled by varying the pressure of the padder for left side, right side and if required for centre to avoid shade variation and tailing.

Additional sensors
  • Intermediate moisture behind IR-Dryer, Type RF120
  • Chamber humidity in hotflue unit, 
    Type FS

  • Thermo fixation in the thermosol unit, 
    Type TDS
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AF_RF_page (12)

Application moisture

Contactfree measuring of the moisture in planiform products using microwave technology.

Static or traversing measuring heads.

Sensor type AF 120 ​• RF 120 static
  • AF 120 with 1 pair of measuring heads:
  • Measuring range 0 .. 2000 g H20/m2
  • RF 120 with 1 pair of measuring heads:
  • Measuring range 0 .. 200 g H20/m2
Sensor type MP 120 traversing
  • MP 120 with 1 pair of traversing heads:
  • Measuring range 0 .. 2000gH20/m2
  • Measurement on cold webs, max. 50 °C
  • Working width 2000mm up to
  • 5200mm
  • Fabric running horizontal or vertical
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