30 years 
of practical experience


ECO Energy Control
for stenter and dryer


  • Significant energy savings
  • Considerable carbon reduction
  • Measuring and calculation of energy consumption and carbon emission
  • Auto Control Mode for Drying and Heatsetting process
  • Retrofit package for new and existing drying machines

ECO Energy Control for significant energy savings in the drying process.  

With the ECO Energy Control, the heating energy used is adapted to the actual requirement by monitoring the moisture content of the exhaust air in the dryer and automatically controlling the blower speed.

In automatic control mode, the setpoint for the drying and heating process is automatically calculated from the current dryer temperature.

Additional advantage is the integrated calculation of the energy consumption and the carbon load during the drying process.


The ECO Energy Control is available as:

EEC compact unit with integrated touch  panel 7“ for mounting at side of dryer

EEC box with extended touch panel 7“ for installation in control bridge

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Air humidity sensor FSX
The proven air humidity sensor is used to minimize the energy consumption of drying processes in dryers and stenters.

Air temperature sensor TC
An additional temperature sensor for the dryer circulating air is used to calculate the energy consumption and the carbon load.

ECO Energy Control

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