- Touch screen with colour graphic display 6,5” TFT
- Modular PLC unit
- Recipes and trend graph
- Ready for network TCP/IP
- Removable flash memory card for easy service
- ECO-OPTIDRY® with Energy Consumption Meter

Connection for sensors

- Fabric temperature 8x
- Exhaust humidity 1x
- Residual moisture 1x
- Additional sensors

Control functions

Dwell time:
Fabric temperatures and dwell time during heatsetting and drying process to ensure a quality finish.

Exhaust air humidity:
Exhaust air humidity on drying process  for efficient use of energy consumption.

Residual moisture:
Moisture retention in percentage of a target fibre for optimised drying process and improved quality.

Additional functions:
Additional features are the storage of recipes, trend graphs and data collection via network by ethernet.