• Fast CCD camera with LED flash light
  • Structure frequency and distortion analysis
  • Straightening on woven and knitted fabric


A tremendous step forward in straightening of woven and knitted fabric

- Display of distortion in % or cm due to integrated width
- Highest statistical accuracy of measured distortion values
- Nearly gapless distortion analysis over the full width of the
  fabric from selvedge to selvedge

A fabric with 40 picks/cm shows 120 individual weft threads per picture recording. For precise validation of the weft thread position 1200 picks/s are evaluated statistically. This precision is unbeatable in the market.


SD 1C structure detector traversing
Large area structure scan

Any kind of distortions (wavy distortions, distortions in the selvedge area) are reliably scanned by the structure detector steadily traversing across the complete width of the fabric. Conventional systems are limited to a small area due to design.
SD 1C with large area structure scan Conventional systems
only small area covered

Advantages of Inlet - Outlet Systems

  • Skew and bow distortion analysis
  • Width measurement
  • Pick course-density measurement (as option)
  • Reporting of the final distortion in the outlet of a stenter