Heat Treatment Process at Stenter and Dryer

Optimized drying and fixation process, fabric temperature, residual moisture, exhaust air humidity.
ECO-OPTIDRY® with Energy Consumption Meter


Continuous Dyeing Process

Uniform dye bath distribution on padder, chamber atmosphere hot flue, fixation temperature.


Size Application

Uniform size pick-up on warps, minimizing of sizing agent consumption, increased weaving efficiency.


Control of Drying Cylinder

Uniform guided drying process, retrofit package for sustainable cost, reduction for old and new machines, easy handling for operators.


Heat Treatment Process at Relax Dryer

Control of drying process, exhaust air humidity control, climate control of process air, integrated „Auto-Setting“ function, energy consumption meter, suitable for new and existing dryers.


Structure Detection and Automatic Straightening

Structure frequency and distortion analysis, Straightening on woven and knitted fabrics.